Neardaddy privay policy

What data do we collect?

IP Address, ISP, Browser, OS, time of visit, and device. We use Google Analytics tool to monitor the user's behavior on the site. GA helps us improve our site and user experience.

Email address: The user must enter his/her email address for publishing a review on neardaddy or for adding a new business/service on the site. We don't share your email address with third-parties.

Photos: The images you'll find on this site are uploaded by the users of this site. We are not responsible for it. If the photo is inappropriate, kindly report it to us. While uploading an image, the user will be asked to enter his/her email address. We don't/won't share the user's email id with the business.

Reviews: Reviews share on this site are the unbiased opinions of the users. We don't accept payments for removing negative reviews. Although we try our best to make sure that the reviws displayed on the business pages don't have inappropriate words, if you find any abusive review, please let us know about it. Once you publish a review, your name will be visible in the reviews section of the business page along with the review description. We don't share the reviewer's email ID with the owner of the business page.

Inquiry form: We keep a copy of the emails sent to the business/services by customers to make sure that the customer/visitor doesn't send abusive or unwanted messages to the businesses owners.

Business Data: If data on any one of the pages of is inaccurate, write to us.

The user who adds a business/service on this site is responsible for data. If we find data incorrect, we'll remove this business/service.

We take user's reviews and feedback into consideration for verifying the business.