About NearDaddy

Hi, welcome to neardaddy.com

Neardaddy was launched in June 2018 with an objective of connecting users with the right professionals and businesses. The site helps users in finding shops, doctors, restaurants, hospitals, etc near them. It provides filters which users can use to find top-rated services, businesses, etc in their locality or city.

Why list your business/service on neardaddy?

Fair play: Businesses and professionals are ranked programmatically. The reviews you'll find on this site are from genuine users. We don't remove reviews from the site unless they're offensive.

A/C registration is not required: You don't have to register an account to list your business or share a review on Neardaddy. However, to claim your listing, edit your review or to manage the official page of your business, you'll have to log in to the site with the email address you share with us and password provided by us.

No calls: We don't call people to promote products or service. Although we believe that email is the best communication tool, you may receive a call from us for verification purposes.

About the founder

Pramod is a computer programmer and a lover of nature, fiction/horror/crime/thriller movies. He loves exploring places nearby him.. it doesn't matter whether the place is a beautiful garden or a heavily congested locality. Pramod holds a M.Sc Computer Science degree from University of Pune.

How can you reach us?

Dial +91-7819010360 or use our contact form to get in touch with us.